We are experts in the pharmaceutical sector


We contact HEALTH PROFESSIONALS to send them commercial communications and advertising about health-related products and services, attend events, arrange visits with
commercial delegates, delivery of samples, as well as market and opinion studies that we consider of interest for the development of your profession.


Networking has made it possible for us to collaborate from different parts of the world and sales without physical presence have become increasingly common.

With our solutions we generate remote contacts that are essential to establish efficient communications between laboratories, pharmacies, doctors and patients.

Our customers enjoy quick and easy access from any device to fdm.digital, improving their productivity and the development of new projects.

Users have the peace of mind that the information we share is confidential and protected from unauthorized access.


Our mission is to create communication solutions that help improve people’s health and therefore their state of well-being.

To this end, we contact healthcare professionals, doctors and pharmacists to send them communications about healthcare products and services related to their profession.

With the new digital communication channels we help to streamline processes and reduce costs in accessing information without the need for physical presence.

In permanent contact with more than 20,000 pharmacies. Informing and training more than 150,000 physicians of all specialties.